Heather (Fingy)
Official Artwork
First appearance: Scene 2-3 Mad Dog and Headdy
Last appearance: Scene 9-3 Finale Analysis

"Smiley! Get ahold of yourself!" 

Heather (Fingy in the Japanese version) is a character in the game Dynamite Headdy. Heather acts as the second main protagonist in the game.


Heather is a puppet who completely lacks arms, but keeps her hands and wrists. She appears more feminine than regular puppets, having a curvaceous body. Her shoes resemble Headdy's, but are much more pointed and narrow. Her head also resembles Headdy's. The feather atop her head curls up and forward, colored sunny yellow with a dull lime green stripe. Heather's bandanna and gloves are also yellow, her bodysuit a greenish color. 


The mysterious Heather's main job to collect the keys from the Keymasters that Headdy defeats, for, initially, a purpose unbeknownst to the puppet hero. In actuality, the keys were needed in order to proceed to the castle of King Dark Demon, which she explains in a gentle, but curt way.

She has an accidental tendency to get captured frequently. Near the end of game, she was kidnapped by the ghastly king, so that he alone would battle the neckless puppet. She was also snatched up previously by the haywire Gatekeeper for use as a puppet shield.

Where Heather disappears to at the end of the game is unknown.


Headdy — Heather may have a secret relationship with Headdy, but nothing has been comfirmed. She collected the keys from the Keymasters that Headdy defeats to aid him in his quest. On multiple occasions, she has teamed up with the puppet hero to put a stop to Dark Demon. While she appears to be flirting with him, once the Gatekeeper is defeated the first time, she apologizes for leading him on, and even warns him to be careful for the rest of the journey.

Dark Demon — Throughout the game, Heather's aim is to snap the malevolent king back to his senses. Though, when she does eventually approach him, she's kidnapped for the second time over. Heather may have been the indirect cause for the game's events, as what she said to the medallion previously went misheard. Though only talking for a brief moment in the game, she appears to act kindly towards the medallion, apparently concerned when he goes beserk.