Mario Net (Netter in the Japanese version) is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. He appears in scene 3-1.

Mario Net


Mario Net looks like an puppet you would usually see. His body is carried by a piece of rope. He has teal and pink hat with a teal body. He also has blue arms and legs and red gloves and shoes with pink underwear (as it can be seen to be).


Mario Net has a very simple attack pattern. He comes from the top of the screen and shoots small bombs to the left of his body. Just hit your head up and he will be defeated.


  • Mario Net has a different color design in the Japanese version. He has a red and green hat with a red body and green underwear. He is one of the few enemies to have his colors changed, along with other enemies like Paddock, Propeller Head, Cocoa, Julian, Tiny Tank, Trouble Bruin and his machines, Mad Dog, and other objects/enemies that aren't mentioned in game like the catapiller in scene 2-3 and the spike ball in 9-1.