Paddock (Bob in the Japanese version) is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. It appears in scene 3-1.



Paddock is a pink frog with brown legs/feet and partially yellow color near his eyes.


Paddock will always appear to jump on top of the platform and then go into the lava at the bottom repeatively in a cycle in just one direction. Even so they can still hurt you which is why you have to have precise time when trying to hurt them when your jumping.


  • Paddock has different colors in the Japanese version. He is a green frog with purple legs and a little pink near his eyes. He is one of the few enemies to have his colors changed in the International version, alongside Mario Net, Propeller Head, Cocoa, Julian, Tiny Tank, Trouble bruin and his machines, Mad Dog, and other small objects/enemies that are not credited like the catapiller in scene 2-3 and the spikes in 9-1.