Snake Eyes (Happy ComeCome in the Japanese version) is an enemy in Dynamite Headdy. He is a miniboss that appears in scene 2-2 if you take the upper path instead of the smaller path after you beat Catherine Derigueur.

Snake Eyes


Snake Eyes has a snake/dragon appearance when you first see him. He has red, blue, green colored scales as well as his factual features. He also has a cannon in his mouth to shoot his large flame attack.


When you first see him, he's a little bit tough. He moves in random directions, at which he can unintentionally hit into you lots of times. No only that, he can shoot large fireballs at you. Luckily, Headcase has your back for this battle. He can offer you the Ticker Head and Tri-Head, which is good for stopping time and getting more hits out of him. His weak spots are his scales and his head. It's best to hit his scales first to get ride of his big vulnerable area. The Tri-head is best for this to hit lots of scales. The Next you should hit his head part, but beware that you have to shoot very accurately or you will miss hitting him. This is the part where you should get the Clock Head so you can freeze him at the right moment. After you beat him, your awarded a secret bonus point.

Trivia Edit

  • Snake Eyes is named after the gambling term "Snake Eyes", in which one only gets one tick on two pieces of dice.