Toys n' the Hood (Japanese: The Hood) is the second scene of Act 2 of Dynamite Headdy.


After training his moves with his three friends, Headdy ventures into danger as he explores deeper into The Hood, where Dark Demon's Soldiers are milling about.

Headdy swiftly eliminates the opposition on his way and clogs up with a red boulder the exit from where many more Soldiers were coming from.

The puppet hero enters the main building on the city where Catherine Derigueur holds hostage certain animals as well as Headcase. After a brief battle Headdy bests the magnetic puppet and frees the animals inside, but he then notices the have gone rabid and decides to defeat them.

Our hero has two choices now. If Headdy climbs up the building he will find Snake Eyes, who will fight him using fire breath and a damaging armor. If otherwise he decides to continue forward, he will have to use Headcase to shrink and defeat the mini dogs and mini soldiers patrolling.

No matter which road Headdy picks, he will have clear way to The Hood's music hall.

Featured CharactersEdit

  • Dark Demon Soldiers
  • Catherine Derigueur
  • Snake Eyes


  • 500 points are abundant on the first part at the end of ledges, there is one between two slamming feet at the first part of the big building, and finally there are a few at the end of the level if the Small Head is taken thst require skilled jumps over pipes, or at the ledge of the music hall entrance if the Spike Head is taken.
  • Bananas are found in three different spots. One's beside a fake wall, right after the first pit. The second is found up ledges up where the Soldiers come from underground and the last one is after another fake wall, left to Snake Eyes' battlefield.

Secret Bonus PointsEdit

  • Defeat the Green Soldier by pushing him out of his tower instead of crushing it with the red boulder.
  • Defeat the cactus and horse-like creatures released from Catherine Derigueur. Each gives a different bonus points.
  • Pick the Spike Head and defeat Snake Eyes.


Toys n' the Hood is a reference to Boyz n the Hood, a 1991 film.